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Our approach is a six step process which allows us to provide you with investment options best suited for your particular needs.

​Give us a call or submit the Contact Us form to begin the process.

1. Contact Us

Give us a call or send us an email. When you call someone will be available to answer your questions and it will also give us an opportunity to see how we may be of service. We will invite you to take advantage of our free “No Charge or Obligation” consultation. If you would like more information or have any questions please feel free to call or email us. 

2. Free Consultation

Our consultation is free and allows us to gather the necessary information to provide you professional advice best suited for your particular needs. Tell us what you would like to accomplish, what are your goals and concerns, and this will allow us to determine some possible solutions. We have a relaxed approach and do not believe in pressuring our clients. 

3. Gather Data

During our meeting we will conduct a full analysis of your current situation based on your investments, qualified and non qualified, personal needs, and time factors. Our goal is to plan you based on your needs, eliminate risk and liability, and to ensure you never outlive your money.

4. Needs Analysis

After the initial consultation we will go back to our office and sit down with each member of our team, each having different specialized backgrounds, to determine the best plan for your particular situation. We offer many different investments and it is the information we gather in home that allows us to provide you with solutions best suited to your needs.

5. Plan and Implementation

We follow up in a second meeting, more if needed, to present you with our plan and strategies, based on information you provided in the initial meeting, that we feel would best suit your needs and accomplish your retirement and financial planning goals. At that time if you would like to make changes or adjustments to any of our suggestions we are more than happy to do so. Once a plan had been designed to your liking we will begin the process of implementing our ideas.

Important to note: We are not captive agents with one specific insurance company so we can offer a variety of different types of products. As non captive agents we choose from many different companies and investments based on each of our clients individual needs. We compare products with our latest and most advanced software programs ensuring our clients get the best options and prices made available. We do not favor any one company and we don’t base any advice on incentives or compensation. We take care of our clients and our business takes care of us.

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