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It is true that the majority of people today will need some sort of long term care in their life whether it is in the home or in a facility. The process of long term care is a very important step in completing a full comprehensive planning strategy for yourself and your loved ones. The emotional and financial hardship of long term care expenses can be devastating to an estate if not properly planned for ahead of time. We offer a variety of different approaches outside of your typical long term care policies. Long term care policies can be good for some but are often too expensive and don’t always cover all of the financial expenses of long term care. There are a number of other ways to plan for care with-out have to pay high premiums for long term care policies that you may end up never using.

We do offer long term care policies for those who need and can afford long term care insurance. We also offer a variety of other long term care solutions including, but not limited to, policies that have a single premium payment that will double and triple your premium for long term care needed in home or in a facility. These investments/policies offer a fixed interest rate with a return of premium of any of the unused initial funds to your named beneficiaries. Meaning whatever you put in if you don’t use it you don’t lose it. We work with a number of products that include long term care rider options on life insurance policies as well as investment solutions that also include long term care benefits for clients wanting to earn money as well as plan for long term care all in one. Many of our clients have concerns about paying for long term care and never ending up using it but there are other ways to plan depending on your goals.. For more questions on all of your options call our office for a free consultation.