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Safe Money consist of a variety of different planning strategies, and or investments, that has competitive rates and growth, protects your investments, and some have options to provide you with an income that you never outlive.

Safe Money accounts allow you to:

  • Participate in market gains without any losses*
  • Earn up to 8-10% returns on an income investment
  • Lifetime Income*
  • Option to never outlive income*
  • Avoidance of probate
  • Tax-deferred growth
  • Liquidity features
  • ​Contributions and growth can never be lost to market volatility
  • ​No Fees

The investments and strategies we offer to our clients have been around for hundreds of years. We also offer annuities as they are one of the fastest growing investment strategies in the nation and Americans have invested trillions of dollars into retirement annuities to protect themselves from market risk. Many famous people over the years have owned annuities as part of thier retirement plans including Benjamin Franklin, Babe Ruth, Beethovan and former Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Ben Bernanke. Mr Bernanke who served two terms as chairman of the Federal Reserve the central bank of the United States from 2006 to 2014 has 80% of his assetts in annuities and we have looked to him for his financial insight during the terms of two of our presidents.

The Middle Class Task Force report in January, 2010 promoted annuities as an important part of a saver’s retirement portfolio.
​Investments with risk can change yearly or even daily and do not offer guarantees and safety for future retirement needs. Risk investing does not guarantee your money will be there when you need it.

Lee Barney wrote that the acceptance and use of annuities—and the tremendous appetite for the guaranteed income that they offer—are more widely accepted than many retirement plan advisers and investors realize. Jackson National Life found in a study conducted for the Insured Retirement Institute (IRI), “The Language of Retirement 2017: Advisor and Consumer Attitudes Toward Income in Retirement.” According to the study, based on a survey of 400 advisers and 1,300 investors—300 of whom own an annuity and/or work with an adviser—35% of consumers are familiar with annuities and believe they are useful, and another 37% are open to learning more about them—a combined 72%. A combined 48% of investors either currently own (42%) or previously owned (6%) an annuity.

By comparison, fewer investors own or used to own two very popular investment options: exchange-traded funds (ETFs) (31%) or target-date funds (TDFs) (21%).

When investors are asked about the attributes of annuities—but not the products by name—90% said they are receptive to the idea of guaranteed lifetime income, even if it means relinquishing control of the principle or paying higher costs, Jackson learned—suggesting that there is a great disconnect between what investors think they know about annuities and what advisers can teach them about them. For example, only 46% of consumers know that an annuity can provide guaranteed lifetime income.

The question to ask yourself is can you really afford to gamble your hard earned money especially when we are at such a precarious time in history with our government stacking up the largest debt in the history of our country?